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With the onset of COVID-19 our caregivers were no longer able to go into the homes of our clients.  These in person visits are the heart of our program and it was immediately evident that this change would significantly impact our clients. 

Immediately our caregivers began to contact mothers via phone, text, email and Facetime to assure them that we were still here to support in any way that met the Provincial guidelines for COVID-19.  We picked up groceries, prescriptions and other essential items.  We were able to deliver hampers with fresh meat and produce donated by CauseWeCare and at Easter we made up goodies bags for the older children in the home. 

As restrictions eased we have been able to move to the next phase, offering to take the children out of the house for walks so that the mothers could rest and regroup.  They were so relieved to restore that contact with the caregivers.  Recently we have been able to meet with clients outside of the home for a walk or chat.  

We are continuing to take referrals from agencies on the North Shore.  Initially we provide phone/text support and when the mother is ready we offer to meet up and/or spend time with the children out of the home.