The 101 of Spectrum

  • Spectrum Mothers Support Society is a non-profit agency that is committed to provide support for women who are courageously caring for their children in difficult and challenging situations.

  • Spectrum is a registered charity with a Board of four Directors, and with Founder Sally Livingstone remaining active with the day to day running of the organization.  
  • It is funded by grants and donations from community groups and individuals.
  • We serve mothers on the North Shore with children under the age of five. We give priority to low-income families (which may include teenage mothers and new immigrants) and mothers of children with disabilities, developmental delays or behavioural challenges.   Often mothers are dealing with physical or mental health issues. Sometimes they suffer from post-partum depression, or are running from abusive relationships, or are dependant on drugs and alcohol. 
  • These courageous women can find it hard to manage finally and emotionally.  With a little hands-on help from our Caregivers to get their lives on track, they are able to enjoy parenting. Even just one morning a week means so much to an exhausted mother.  
  • Being able to pay our Caregivers means that we are able to employ the best-trained and experienced Caregivers, all of whom are CPR certified.
  • We accept referrals for family support from professional groups and organizations such as North Shore paediatricans, Community Nurses and Social Workers, Family Services Organizations and Crisis Centres.

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