Caregivers and mentors are a group of women who understand the challenges of raising a family and desire to support families in our community.

As mothers we all need people to walk alongside us while we journey through life and the bumps and sometimes mountains that confront us. Story after story attests to the friendships that develop between caregiver and mother and the courage and determination of the mothers to make it through and continue to courageously care for their children.

It takes a village

We believe it takes a village (or community) to raise a child. As we continue to be recognised for the contribution we are making to the lives of mothers on the North Shore (our own community, our neighbours) we strive to be part of the “village`for isolated, overwhelmed and struggling families.


All our caregivers and mentors have training and experience relevant to their position and require a current criminal record check and up to date CPR certification.

Application Form

If you would like to apply to become a Caregiver please complete the Application Form below and contact Julie Evans at