Spectrum supports mothers of all ages who live on the North Shore and have children under the age of five years.

Services are provided to those who need it most – typically these are the marginalised or struggling families in our community. Priority is give to low income families. Often the children of these mothers have developmental or physical problems and the trained caregivers are able to engage the children in play and activities. The mothers appreciate the fact that Spectrum staff are highly qualified, experienced, reliable and trustworthy. Clients feel supported and less isolated in their role as parents.

Enabling access to other services

Spectrum also enables clients to access other programs and services available on the North Shore that don`t offer child care. For example we have supported mothers suffering from post partum depression by caring for their children so they could attend counselling sessions and a support group for women suffering from post partum depression and anxiety.

Inclusive and accessible

Spectrum is inclusive and very accessible to clients in our community as we offer services on weekends and evenings as well as weekdays. Also, because our services are free of charge, families will not be excluded because of cost.