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We’d love for you to meet Emily Solomon, Recipient of The 2012 Spectrum Award and the Hal Davis CKNW Orphan’s Fund Award. Here is Emily’s 2012 Business Award Recipient Speech. Go Emily!


The generosity of donors to Capilano University benefits so many of its students. My name is Emily Solomon. My story is just one of many stories that is affected by this kindness, and I would like to share it with you today.

I grew up as the youngest of five.  My parents were young when they had their first child, but instead of finishing high school, they chose to join the working world instead. I was not the type of youngest that was spoiled, nor even one who had all the experiences that a child arguably should have. I was nourished mostly with affection and taught the value of hard work.

Brought up as a hard worker, this characteristic has only intensified since I became a young mother.  Rather than following completely in my mother’s footsteps however, I chose to learn from her mistakes.  At 16, while I was pregnant, teachers and classmates alike were stunned while I waddled to classes even after my due date.  At 17, while I studied Principles of Math and excelled in Creative Writing, I also ran to and from class to breastfeed my daughter.  At 18, I had not only graduated from high school on time, but I did so in the top ten-percent of my class at Sutherland Secondary.  With honors to feed my determination, I continued straight into Capilano University.

I am currently completing the Accounting Assistant Program with marks up to par with my past grades. I will continue on with my education in the summer for a Bachelors of Business Administrative Degree.  I have been proactively taking opportunities to build my resume by volunteering, and working in office related positions.

My mission is now to become a Chartered Accountant to support my family.  Such a designation will give me the flexibility necessary for a healthy work-life balance.  As an accountant I will have the option of working from home and the possibility of self-employment. This will allow me to do all the things for my daughter, Milly, that were never able to be done for me.  Fulfilling my professional aspirations will give me the self-confidence to keep myself motivated and will provide meaningful work that will promote my own confidence.

None of my success would be possible without the support of donors such as the ones at Capilano University. You are helping me take the necessary steps towards a quality of living for myself and for my family.  It means the difference between spending time with my daughter rather working double shifts.  It can be what breaks the poverty cycle that I have grown up with.

Your support makes a world of difference to so many of the students at Capilano University. On behalf of everyone who is so affected by your generosity, I would like to thank you for helping us provide a better life for us and for our families.