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I recently posted an amazing testimony to the work of Spectrum caregivers.

I started Spectrum 13 years ago, it was with the hope that I could support a few mothers as they faced challenges in parenting. What it has become is a vital community resource connecting mothers and providing support and encouragement with compassion and dignity. Our ability to step into critical, high-risk situations is both life saving and life changing. We really do make a difference.  

The heart of the organization is the caregivers – amazing women who have raised their own families and now want to share that experience with others. Mothers helping mothers – story after story from clients and caregivers are the same – “having a Spectrum caregiver made a real difference in my life and the life of my children”.   We are so blessed to live in a community here on the North Shore with many great resources but I still meet those who raise their eyebrows when I talk about mothers in need. Those challenged with addiction to drugs and alcohol, fleeing abuse, struggling with pre-existing mental health issues compounded by post partum depression. Single mothers of all ages, those with multiple births, medical challenges, those without the support of friends or family, poor health, poor housing and those feeling completed isolated, all continuing to care for their children with courage and dignity. These mothers all live in our communities.   To see a woman crippled with anxiety, depression, low self worth and complete exhaustion move through all that and become healthy with a positive attitude to parenting and the opportunity to connect with the community through drop in groups, friendships with other mothers, school and employment is the proven outcome we look for.  

The concept is so simple, but so effective. Match a mother with a caregiver who spends several hours a week in the home while mom has the time she needs to rest, exercise, attend support groups or therapy or just talk – and watch and see the difference that makes in her life.  

To continue this work we need a regular income. We are fortunate to receive Municipal grants but rely on donations from the community. Money donated goes directly to pay our caregivers. Please consider a one-time donation or a monthly giving plan. Details of how to donate are found on our website.   Thank you and please know that you really will be making a difference in the lives of families on the North Shore.  

Thank you  

Sally Livingstone (Program Director) on behalf of the Board of Directors (Veronica Loat, Lynn Lipsey, Hanneke Eyres, Julie Evans)